positive pressure conveying pi
positive pressure conveying tw
computerized wheat touchdown m
permanent-magnet drum
·è¿ñµÄ²¶Óãpneumatic strobe
vibration powder returning mac
pneumatic stretch tight machin
positive wind closedown machin
Two way valve, magnetic separa
Magnetic inspection
Tube auger
Vibration discharging device
  Wuxi Zhongda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Board Chairman£ºPengming
General manager:TangYan
Sell manager:Liu yongqiang
Address£ºYangjian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi
¡¡¡¡Founded in 1995, Wuxi Zhongda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.. (former Wuxi Langxia Grain Machinery Hardware Fittings Factory) is located at the middle section of Xihu Road,Yangjian Town, East suburb of Wuxi City, 30km from Zhangjiagang overseas transport port to the north, 18km from Wuxi Airport to the southwest and 15km from Huning Speedway to the west. The transportation is very convenient. The Company owns 6 million yuan of fixed assets and 2.5 million yuan of circulating fund
Welcome to our website! (8/28)
Welcome to our website! (8/28)
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Wuxi Zhongda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.¡¡¡¡Address:Yangjian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi ¡¡¡¡Code:214107¡¡¡¡Email:wxzd@wxzd.com
Board Board Chairman:Pengming ¡¡¡¡General manager:TangYan¡¡¡¡Sell manager:Liu yongqiang¡¡¡¡Mobile:13646178217¡¡Tel:(0086)510-88731537¡¡¡¡ Fax:(0086)510-88340005¡¡¡¡